Dog & Puppy training

Dog and Puppy Training Services

Whether you're looking for classes, need 1-2-1 help in dealing with unwanted behaviours or advice on bringing your new puppy home, we can tailor our services to suit you. 

All training advice and techniques provided are kind, positive and force-free.

1-2-1 Training Sessions

Training packages are completely tailored to you and your dog's needs. Surrey Canine Corner only advocate the use of kind, reward based training techniques. Areas that we can help with in training:

  • General obedience (beginners, intermediate and advanced)

  • Making recall reliable

  • Loose lead walking (no pulling)

  • Building up focus on you whilst around distractions

  • Table/kitchen manners

  • Appropriate greetings with other people (no jumping up)

  • Self control (how to “leave” and “drop” objects)

  • Problem barking

  • House training

  • Party tricks! Fun trick training to show your friends and family

£50 per hour for initial session (1hr)

£45 for follow up sessions (1hr)

Behaviour Advice

These sessions are used for those dogs who are struggling with more emotional problems that need to be addressed. There is no time limit placed on the initial consultation, I will stay for as long as it takes to evaluate any issues and to take a full history and behavioural diagnostic in order to determine a way forward.

Surrey Canine Corner only advocate the use of kind, reward based training techniques. Veterinary check-up is advised pre-consultation to rule out any medical issues if the behavioural issues have a quick onset. Areas that we can help with:

  • Building up confidence in fearful, shy or timid dogs
  • Guarding behaviours
  • Aggression towards people or dogs
  • Fear of cars, bicycles and other objects
  • Problem barking
  • Destructive behaviours

£50 per hour for initial session

£50 for follow up sessions (1 hr)

IMPORTANT: If cases are severe, referrals to a qualified clinical behaviourist may be necassary and can be arranged. 

Outdoor sesssions focusing on improving your time out on walks. These sessions can be tailored to specific problems or to work on all of the following areas:

  • Loose lead walking with no pulling

  • Reliable recall around distractions

  • Building a focus on you, improving your bond whilst outdoors.

  • Working on appropriate interactions with other dogs and people

£50 per hour for initial session

£45 for follow up sessions

Training walks

Puppy & Rescue Dog Guidance Visits

Whether you have an eight week old puppy or an eight year old rescue dog, bringing home your new dog or puppy is an incredibly exciting time. We can show you how to get started on the right track and assist you with a smooth introduction, as well as giving you essential guidelines for keeping your puppy or dog happy and avoiding issues from the start. Things we can help with are:

  • “Puppy proofing” your home, to keep your dog safe

  • Helping your dog settle in to its new environment

  • Advice on suitable equipment, toys and food

  • Understanding signs of stress or nervousness in your new dog

  • House training

  • Jumping up

  • Chewing

  • Play biting

  • Effective socialisation with dogs and people (including children)

  • Crate training

Puppy or rescue dog guidance visit (1 hr): £50


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