Adult Dog Training

We are experienced in working with dogs and their owners to overcome various issues. If you have a dog behaviour or training problem, get in touch to book a session with us. 

1-2-1 Training sessions are completely tailored to you and your needs. Surrey Canine Corner only advocate the use of kind, reward based training techniques.

PLEASE NOTE 09/04/21:

I am currently not taking on any new clients for daycare, 1-2-1 dog or puppy training or scent detection work (including classes) until further notice due to lockdown backlog Many thanks

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Does your dog have any of the following issues?

  • Pulling on the lead
  • Won’t come when called
  • Barking at home
  • Toilet accidents in the house
  • Chewing and destruction
  • Barking and lunging at other dogs
  • Separation related issues
  • Fears or phobias
  • Guarding behaviours
  • Chasing livestock or other animals
  • Begging or stealing food

We are experienced in working with dogs and their owners to overcome these issues. If you have a dog behaviour or training problem, get in touch to book a session with us. We will follow up with you to ensure progress and work with you until you are confident that you can manage or when the issue is resolved.

£55 per hour for initial session

£55 for follow up sessions (pay as you go)


4 session block booking for £190

IMPORTANT: If cases are severe, referrals to an APBC or CCAB qualified clinical behaviourist may be necessary and can be arranged. 

Clever Dog Life Skills Course

Our Popular Clever Dog Life Skills Course has been designed to help people and dogs who might not be suited to a class envronment or simply want a more bespoke service to the generic lessons you would get in dog training classes. Lessons can be tailored to suit you and your puppy as individuals.

The intensive five 1-2-1 sessions can be booked at your convenience and involve real-life scenarios in real-life places. Some of the things we will cover are:

  • Polite Greetings (with dogs and people)
  • Impulse Control ("leave it" and "wait")
  • Continued Positive Socialisation 
  • Basic Obedience
  • Breed specific training games (e.g gundogs, scenthounds etc)
  • Settling down in various places
  • Handling skills and strengthening your bond
  • Coming back when called
  • Loose lead walking
  • Helping overcome other behaviour problems 

You will receive your very own Clever Dog Life Skills pack that we will add to after every session and your dog will receive a certificate and rosette upon completion!

Price for the full course - £210

adult dog training in Reigate
adult dog training in Reigate surrey


"Becki provided us with exceptional 1-2-1 training for our dog Hank, we would highly recommend her to any one looking to resolve their dogs behavioural issues! After spending the first year of his life with little to no socialisation, and the following year in kennels, Hank found the outside world very over whelming and REALLY struggled to remain calm around other dogs. Becki took the time to get to know Hank and the root cause of his issues, she worked with us at a manageable pace and provided us with great advice, that allowed us to work with Hank not only during but in between the 1-2-1 sessions. We are extremely grateful to have found Becki and for all of the help and advice that she has given us!"

Emma, Dan & Hank the Rescue

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